Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tips - Asking Women Out

It's hard asking women out. Dating isn't an easy thang. I understand. Especially since most of us never truly let a man, or woman, know when we're interested. It's almost as if the more we like you, the less attention we give...right? Not all of us act this way, but many of us do.

Since I've been in Los Angeles, a few of the dating technique's I've encountered have frustrated me. One of them being the way in which I am asked out. For the most part, it seems like folks aren't into the traditional thang like saying, "Hi, I like you. Wanna go out?" And hey, if that works for you, then awesome. But for me, it doesn't. Which is why I had to make this list --

How NOT to Ask A Woman Out

1) By adding her on Facebook and pretending to be where she is based on her status updates so that you can "accidentally" run into her.
2) After you get her number from a friend, you proceed to text her, "yo, cutie, this is your secret admirer. Wanna meet?"
3) You see a PYT at a bar and think she's your soulmate. Yet, you have your friend go up to her and ask for her number. Not cool.
4) Asking to make plans to meet at a club after you reveal you'll need a ride and drink money for the entire night.
5) Being sweet when you're one-on-one, then a jerk in public.
6) In an anonymous E-mail confessing you're in love and want to have her babies.
7) On your way to pick up ice cream for your girlfriend, you ask a cute woman if she wants a scoop. Uh
8) Anytime while, during, or after you've had a fight with your ex-girlfriend.
9) Sending a drunken text, "this chick's boring me, but what do you have to offer?"
10) =
11) Anytime you're drunk and it's 3am.
12) You initiate a date in public but expect the other person to make all of the plans.

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