Friday, June 5, 2009

Weight - Kelly Clarkson.

Everyone is getting on Kelly Clarkson's ass for looking a little thicker these days. The media's actually been on her tail for the past seven years about this subject matter, like in this article.

Sigh. My heart goes out to her as a young person who has always struggled with weight.

Kelly, you sure look deep in thought. Maybe you're wondering why everyone keeps pressuring you to be a size 1 or telling you that by not starving yourself you're harming the world.


Maybe you're thinking that you're fans don't care how you look and that they'll always be around no matter what anyone says.

Yeah, that's more like it. What it comes down to is this -- Kelly, you can sang, gurl. Or, as my grandmother would say, you can "saaaaaaang." And, in my opinion, your curves only add to your beauty.

It's hard living in this world and not being "perfect" looking. As in a size 0, no stretch marks or cellulite, and 5'10". Sure, that's not perfect to me, but that is the perfect that's being crammed down into society's brain. Look at any magazine and tell me I'm wrong.

What it comes down to is being happy with yourself and not allowing anyone to tell you that you're not pretty, skinny, or good enough. We are all beautiful human beings. And that's what it truly comes down to.

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