Monday, June 22, 2009

Life - In Perspective.

Let me be real with you...

Life gets lonely and it gets hard and it gets disappointing.

But, we must always put things into perspective. We must always remember, during the hard times, that it could be worse. Especially when hearing words like --

Child abuse

Of course there are situations where we gotta take a moment to live in self-pity for whatever reason. But after that, we gotta pick up those feet and force ourselves to take one positive step at a time.

and then we'll gets happy, too.

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Anonymous said...


My sympathies.
As a fellow writer of complain-a-tory blogs, I sometimes feel, we'll I'm so depressed and yet the world outside is so much more depressing, making my depression insignificant an trivial by comparison.

Really though, for a writer, which is what I'd like to think we both are, we can't do anything but write for our best, at our best--It's what we know how to do.

If we are inspired, required or moved to write about those bigger, more depressing issues, then we will.

But the truth is that, at least me, I don't know about those things. And I can only write honestly about what I know.

So get down, Boss. It's only natural.

But then pick yourself back up again.

A. Hot
B. Funny
C. A Good Writer
D. You look damn fine in a suit.

All things meretricious.

So, be down and they be up again.
And stuff.