Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger to Da No Wood.

Okay, so, if you haven't heard, Tiger Woods ran into a fire hydrant and a tree at around 2:15 am outside of his 3 million dollar mansion. Apparently, his wife, Elin Nordegren, heard the collision and ran out to save him. How did she do this?

By hitting the window of his Escalade with a golf club and then pulling him out to safety.

Look, I am never one to assume negative thangs about peeps -- wait, I'm lying. I totally assume the worst. But hey, even Mother Theresa would be like, "Aight Tiger, what really happened?"


I saw the pics of his smashed up vehicle on TMZ's website. How does someone cause that much damage, even if they are a bad driver, right outside of his or her home? I mean, damn, you can't make up the usual excuses like --

I wasn't used to my surroundings.


I didn't know the speed limit.


I got lost.

It just doesn't work when you crash your vehicle right outside of your freakin' crib. So, this is why I am left to suspect there was more to this story that the world doesn't know about. Like, maybe Tiger got into some trouble and his wife confronted him about it. Or, maybe Tiger got sick of her ass and needed to go get some air. Hell, she probably was attacking him with a golf club after finding out he was having an affair. But, let's be real --

It's none of our business, folks. Whatever happened should stay with Tiger. I would never explain to the world why I left my own house at 2 in the morning regardless of how famous I am -- my private life is MY private life. No one has any business knowing why I do the things I do, like taking a late night drive to get away from my annoying wife.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Letter From A Reader - For Inspiration.

For all of you who give on a daily basis whether it's your words, money, or a few meals to a homeless person, I say to you -- what you do matters.

I am sharing an E-mail I recently received because not only did it make my day, but it also reminded me of the impact each and every one of us can make on this universe.

You know how this goes --

So, I was on the AfterEllen website and I noticed a new video blog and naturally I clicked on it and there you were. I def noticed your hair first because I love your hair (as a person with natural hair myself) and so I said what the heck. And that was last night and I spent my morning reading your blog, completely moved by your writing and your thoughts and the people you encounter and the conversations you have. I couldn't stop reading, and now I have tears in my eyes..although i'm not totally sure why. I just feel different, I feel open, I feel somewhat new. I am a pretty open, honest person who feels and do not see the need to hide those feelings because I am a firm believer in allowing yourself to feel emotions as they come because they matter. So, just reading your thoughts and reading as you go through your experiences to some degree has me jealous. Besides my gf/partners/spouse/::insert appropriate word here:: and bestfriend I am lacking those conversations I feel are necessary in order to grow and experience life. I really have nothing to say, but I felt compelled to send you an email. I guess I simply want to say Thank You. There has been a shift or awarness within myself that was not present yesterday afternoon and I know I have you to thank for that.

Keep doing what you do, peeps.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Health Care Plan.

I don't really like to discuss politics, but when it comes to healthcare, I am very opinionated.

The House just passed the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Go here for more information, or to read it (almost 2,000 pages).

Now the bill has to reach the Senate, which can take a while. Go here to learn why.

This article will also help with terms and such that, like me, your brain may have forgotten = )

I'm not going to ask you to support or not support it. I am simply asking that you learn about what is at stake because this is a critical time in our society. Plus, this is a critical bill, especially for those of us who are young, thus experiencing the majority of its impact.


Late Night Poem.

I’ve never flown before
on my feet
That’s what it feels like
When my

Ballz and Eye Crust.

You know how this goes. I sigh --


I can feel the crust on my eyes. Blink, blink. That didn't work so well. As I rub the shiznit off my f-a-c-e, I see a Chef walk past with a Friend of his.

My eyes may not be workin' but my e-a-r-s are just fine.

Chef: "She is always with me. It's like she doesn't know what it means to be alone."
Friend: "I would say it's a Vietnamese thing but dude, my girlfriend is the same way. She always wants to spend time together. Even when I am taking a crap she wants to talk."
Chef: "What's also weird is her family never leaves the house when they visit. Someone is always around cooking or cleaning or on the phone, like her mom...or a cousin. I can barely breathe."
Friend: "Yeah, I know man."
Chef: "I love my wife, but she doesn't get personal space at all. I try and tell her I need alone time and she looks at me like I am crazy."
Silence . . .
Friend: "...well, are we crazy for not wanting to hang out with them all of the time?"
They stand there, seriously perplexed by the ridiculous question. And, if I wasn't so blind at the moment with sleep doo-doo, I would be able to see the concern in their eyes. Maybe for their manhood...or for the balls they used to have.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Life...

It's scary to be vulnerable and exposed, but sometimes you must




Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Blog

Hola, peeps.

I was recently asked to write a weekly blog for the group, Women on A Roll (WOAR), which I will start in a several weeks.

It's called, Let's Be Real --

"A weekly blog about the importance of “keeping it real,” whether it’s regarding love, life, or specific events going on around the globe. Lauren Hamilton -- breaks it down on a weekly basis and you won't want to miss her words."

As of now, the date is set for December 1st. So please, on that day, check it out here --


Monday, November 2, 2009

Study A New Trade.

First, I must say that life without my grandparents would suck. Hard.


I sit under the hot sun with my cell phone in one hand and a Diet Dr. Pepper in the other. It's yummy, but ain't doing a thang to keep the sweat off my face. Or, maybe it's just my nerves.
Ring, ring.
Grandad: "Hello?"
More sweat.
Me: "Hey, grandad. How are you?"
Grandad: "Good, honey. Are you eating right?"
Uh, yeah, though I don't see as much salmon as I'd like.
Me: "Of course."
Grandad: "Good. Find a job yet?"
Pause. Come on Diet Dr. Pepper!
Me: " Not yet."
I can hear his disappointment through the silence on the phone. There's nothing worse than feeling helpless and judged all at the same time.
Grandad: "Hmm...maybe you should study a new trade."
I laugh, thinking he's joking. But, the lack of response on the other end makes me realize he's serious. Gulp.
Me: "Oh..."
Grandad: "We may have to put you back in school, eh?"
Spoke too soon. There's nothing worse than feeling helpless, judged, and misunderstood all at the same one of the men you love most in the world.

I know my family's words are not from a bad place. At all. And, I know that it comes down to fear. Will she have a roof over her head? Will she have enough money to buy a Diet Dr. Pepper a month from now...or health insurance. I totally understand that my family loves me and wants only the best. However, still breaks my heart each time I'm asked, "got a job yet?" Or, when my father says, "whenever you get that job, I'll get you that set of golf clubs you've been wanting." Do you not see that I'm trying? Lol and sigh and lol and sigh.
I bring into focus this conversation because I know many of you are going through the same thing, even if it's unrelated to money. It could be regarding coming out to your family or consistently avoiding to tell your friend to stop doing drugs because you're scared he or she will stop talking to you.
Point being --we all have a little fear deep down. So, I say to you and to me -- don't give up. Follow your heart. I know it's hard; even as I type the words I feel my hands getting warm, but this is what life is all about. The lol-ing and the sigh-ing and the lol-ing again and again and again.
Gulp, gulp.