Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Letter From A Reader - For Inspiration.

For all of you who give on a daily basis whether it's your words, money, or a few meals to a homeless person, I say to you -- what you do matters.

I am sharing an E-mail I recently received because not only did it make my day, but it also reminded me of the impact each and every one of us can make on this universe.

You know how this goes --

So, I was on the AfterEllen website and I noticed a new video blog and naturally I clicked on it and there you were. I def noticed your hair first because I love your hair (as a person with natural hair myself) and so I said what the heck. And that was last night and I spent my morning reading your blog, completely moved by your writing and your thoughts and the people you encounter and the conversations you have. I couldn't stop reading, and now I have tears in my eyes..although i'm not totally sure why. I just feel different, I feel open, I feel somewhat new. I am a pretty open, honest person who feels and do not see the need to hide those feelings because I am a firm believer in allowing yourself to feel emotions as they come because they matter. So, just reading your thoughts and reading as you go through your experiences to some degree has me jealous. Besides my gf/partners/spouse/::insert appropriate word here:: and bestfriend I am lacking those conversations I feel are necessary in order to grow and experience life. I really have nothing to say, but I felt compelled to send you an email. I guess I simply want to say Thank You. There has been a shift or awarness within myself that was not present yesterday afternoon and I know I have you to thank for that.

Keep doing what you do, peeps.



Anonymous said...

Hi there. That is a great letter, it woulda totally made my day too. I just came across your blog tonight after reading Nick Feitel's blog (Bethenny Frankel's foodie) and have been enjoying reading your life musings, and I felt compelled to comment to you after reading this entry because we all need to hear we're appreciated. I've been appreciating your musings and insights - you're a great writer and a good life liver/observer/learner. I'm a 34 yr old Russian Jewish married lezzie living in Canada. I woulda loved to have the insights in my 20's that you have...keep doing what you're doing and living life and reflecting and processing like you do, feels to me that you're really on the right path, and only good things can come from that, even when they may not feel so good at the time.. :)


Lauren Hamilton said...

Thank you SO much for your words. I really needed to hear that = )
Right now I am embarking on a while new journey with my dad. We wrote a book about dating. So, my focus will be more on that for the next few months but you can keep track of how things are going/our blog on Facebook:


Please "like" us and stay in touch!!

Lauren Hamilton
Co-Author of How to Get Real About Dating: A Father and Daughter's Guide to Finding Love at Any Age.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, you're very welcome, I'm glad my comment came at a good time for you. What a great concept @ writing a dating/r.ship book w/ your dad, I look forward to checking it out and will definitely "like" your FB page. Dating & r.ships are tricky business, especially living in the individualistic culture that we're trapped in. :-\ The good thing is that humanity is so diverse and everyone is SO different; I feel there is AT LEAST one person for everyone. :)