Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Date Time.

Gotz A date tomorrow night. The pen will have to be put down for a second!

So, I'm a little nervous, peeps. Why? Because I'm used to being the one who is in control. The one who asks out a woman and always feels like I have a handle of my feelings. With this situation, she's older (my weakness) and very assertive. When women get this way, I get shy. Mucho.

Here's another thang. She likes me. She isn't playing games (which is what I'm used to). She's acting like she likes me without any manipulation or confusion. It's refreshing, but also something new...something I'm not used to in my life.

It's like being put in an ocean at night and told to swim back home. If I can't see home, how do I get there?

You feel me, right? We all get nervous sometimes. I blush at least once a week, and that's okay. This date will be nice. Yeah, there are risks, like:

1) She may be crazy.
2) She may be crazy.
3) She may be crazy.

But, you know what, that's what life's all about. We're all imperfect in some way...some way more than others!


And now introducing, Katie Couric...

The highest payed lesbian in the world!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dating - Weaves Ain't So Bad.

Aight, so get this. A hair weave saved the life of a twenty year old woman.

That's right, peeps. Apparently, the police got a phone call that gunshots had been fired outside of a Kansas City market late at night, and they arrived to find homegirl still on the scene. She had been shot at, and a bullet was fired at her head, ending up getting stuck in the hair weave she was wearing. A police officer said the weave stopped the bullet and saved her life.

Take a lookie:

So, for those of you men and women who immediately rule out any potential love interests because of a wig or fake hair piece -- think twice.

That thang may save your life.

Brad or Maher?

So, mucho peeps keep sayin' Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer stole the spotlight at the Oscars.

QUESTION: Who looked better/hotter/sexier -- Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston and whateva his name is?

Let's compare, shall we?

Now Brad and Angie:

Let's be real, it doesn't really matter who looks better, which is subjective.
What matters is if they are happy with each other or not. Who really knows, but these two couples are in a relationship.
I often wonder why peeps feel it is our place to judge whether or not two individuals should be together. Or, assuming how they feel in terms of the other person.
Relationships are hard. Love is tough. And, sometimes so is moving on. Jennifer Aniston could be hurting still from the marriage to Brad Pitt. Sure.
They were married for eight years. But, she could also be totally fine with their separation and simply want others to stay out of her business.
But, let's be frank, Brad and Angie look waaaaay better.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars -- Luvs It!

Wow. It was a beautiful day for the gayz.

Sean Penn won for best actor in the amazing film, "Milk." And, the very fabulous Dustin Lance Black won for Best Original Screenplay. Yay!

Angelina looked hot. I'd give her my left leg if she wanted it. And, although Beyonce's cameo was very unnecessary, she looked as delicious as a hot dog at 2am after dancin' all night.

I also think Meryl Streep looked sexy as Hell. Look, I'm going through an older woman phase. Don't judge! Speaking of which, Halle Berry looked smokin'. Dear G to the O-D. That woman can have my left leg. I'll just get around in a wheel chair.

In my honest opinion, the most overrated film is -- Slumdog Millionaire. Did anyone know it was co-directed?

Gayest lookin' PERSON at the Oscars: Queen Latifah. You can put the lesbo in a dress but you can't take the lesbo out of it! She looked gayer than Richard Simmons at a Potluck in West Hollywood.

Overall, it was an awesome night. I feel like all of the films were deserving of the awards they received. I am proud to be in the entertainment industry and hope to see more films like Milk in the future.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chris Brown - The Future Ike Turner?

Uh-O. Looks like we have another wife beater on our hands, folks.
It breaks my heart that Chris Brown hits women. He looks so sweet. And, I was a huge fan up until this point...just like I was R. Kelly's.
Look. I know there are many of you folks who think you should separate personal from professional. I definitely understand that, but when a guy goes around hitting women or sleeping with underage kids, I have an issue with supporting their music. It ain't right.
And honestly what is Rihanna thinking? Does she like getting hit in the face? And don't give me that whole, she's-only-nineteen B.S. She's a woman who knows right from wrong. Plus, ya'll know this has probably been going on for a while. Maybe it's the drama. Maybe she gets off on it. Maybe she's scared to branch out and feels she can only trust a guy who smacks her in the face.
Yeah, I know, I'm being harsh. But, there's really no excuse to allow someone to use your face as a punching bag. I guess it proves money doesn't buy you happiness or hide who you really are. I have this feelin' that Rihanna may marry this fool one day or have his babies. But hey, maybe she won't. Perhaps she'll learn from this and never let another man abuse her again in any way.
Being with someone who doesn't treat you right.
This is a huge issue and one that never goes away, particularly with young peeps. I get it, how you can get sucked in. I'm tempted everyday, like last night. I was at a bar and saw a gorgeous woman on the dance floor. But, I could tell she was a drama queen (like Tatiana from this year's American Idol).
In 30 seconds I lived our relationship: I'd have to call her, initiate romantic outings, be emotionally giving while she withdraws, deal with her daddy issues, always focus on her. We'd fight 'cause I asked for her to be nicer. She'd create drama so she can pull away, thus sabotaging the relationship. I'd end it, she'd think I pushed her away and curse at me, saying, "I hope you find someone who can make you happy since I apparently can't."
At some point, it gets easy to sum up people in a glance. Rihanna knew. She knew in the instant she met Chris Brown what kind of man he is. It's written in his eyes. She could feel it, I'm sure. But, she decided to take the plunge in the Ocean of Drama we've all experienced at one point in our life instead of walking away from it.
You live and you learn, right? Let's cross our fingers for them.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Older Women -- Pros/Cons

Older Women

1) Lives alone/no gross roommate(s).
2) Has enough money to take care of herself and her kids.
3) Owns vehicle with working air conditioning, heat, and engine.
4) Knows how to put it down, and I'm not talking just in the kitchen.
5) Can defend herself due to physically, emotionally, and verbally kicking so many asses.

1) Lots of guards up due to heart being thrown on ground and stomped on time and time again.
2) Still thinks spandex is in style.
3) Falls asleep before 9pm.
4) Believes dancing involves two body parts: shoulders and arms.
5) Only bends over to pick up loose change.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Blows. Hard.

Yeah, so. Valentine's day was whack this year. I didn't have anyone to share it with nor did I end up locking lips with a random stranger...not that I would (lie).

I'm not saying I miss love. I don't miss love. I don't miss it at all. The love letters. The cute looks and longing gazes. Holding hands...thinking each other's poop is cute.

Sigh. Who the hell am I kidding?

I miss all that shiznit and I can't even front. It's nice. Real supa dupa freakin' nice. I'm a romantic at my core. I love American President. I love the thought of marrying a woman, having kids, and farting in bed as we fall asleep in our old age.

Forreal: Who doesn't love to love? And, for all of those who say you don't, you're in denial.

I spent Valentine's Day with my favorite gay. It was fabulous except I had too much tequilla. I won't go into detail. Then, it was my bday (the 15th) and everyone bought me drinks. I was in oblivion. But, not the good one.

Look. As much of a romantic I am deep down, I'm also scared shiznitless by the thought of being loved for who I am. It's a massive amount of pressure to be with someone who sees right through you and still doesn't care how imperfect you are.

This is a part of growing and maturing as a young woman. Getting comfortable in my own skin and with how unique I am in my own way. It's still tough, ya know, seeing how much growth there is that needs to happen. But hey, this is a part of life and the journey, right?

Next year I strive for a happier and more fulfilling Valentine's Day, even if I am alone. And, I wish that for you as well.