Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Date Time.

Gotz A date tomorrow night. The pen will have to be put down for a second!

So, I'm a little nervous, peeps. Why? Because I'm used to being the one who is in control. The one who asks out a woman and always feels like I have a handle of my feelings. With this situation, she's older (my weakness) and very assertive. When women get this way, I get shy. Mucho.

Here's another thang. She likes me. She isn't playing games (which is what I'm used to). She's acting like she likes me without any manipulation or confusion. It's refreshing, but also something new...something I'm not used to in my life.

It's like being put in an ocean at night and told to swim back home. If I can't see home, how do I get there?

You feel me, right? We all get nervous sometimes. I blush at least once a week, and that's okay. This date will be nice. Yeah, there are risks, like:

1) She may be crazy.
2) She may be crazy.
3) She may be crazy.

But, you know what, that's what life's all about. We're all imperfect in some way...some way more than others!


Nicky said...

How did it go?!?!

newnea said...

So how did it go> anyway hope your well. Looks like you have had plenty of experiences in the city to keep your pen busy.