Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars -- Luvs It!

Wow. It was a beautiful day for the gayz.

Sean Penn won for best actor in the amazing film, "Milk." And, the very fabulous Dustin Lance Black won for Best Original Screenplay. Yay!

Angelina looked hot. I'd give her my left leg if she wanted it. And, although Beyonce's cameo was very unnecessary, she looked as delicious as a hot dog at 2am after dancin' all night.

I also think Meryl Streep looked sexy as Hell. Look, I'm going through an older woman phase. Don't judge! Speaking of which, Halle Berry looked smokin'. Dear G to the O-D. That woman can have my left leg. I'll just get around in a wheel chair.

In my honest opinion, the most overrated film is -- Slumdog Millionaire. Did anyone know it was co-directed?

Gayest lookin' PERSON at the Oscars: Queen Latifah. You can put the lesbo in a dress but you can't take the lesbo out of it! She looked gayer than Richard Simmons at a Potluck in West Hollywood.

Overall, it was an awesome night. I feel like all of the films were deserving of the awards they received. I am proud to be in the entertainment industry and hope to see more films like Milk in the future.

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Lori said...

funny!! i like this one a lot!!