Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Love - Let's Drive.

Read an article today debating whether or not a car can reach 1,000,000 miles.

Initially, my first reaction was to laugh. But, then I told myself, "Lauren, don't assume you're right. You know how that gets you into trouble." I decided to continue reading so that I could be fully informed. Here's one of the main points the writer makes --

How to Go the Distance

If you love your car, you might dream of making it to the one-million-mile mark, too. But can it be done? The consensus seems to be that with regular maintenance and the necessary parts replacements over the years, most modern cars can go the distance.


Love. Is that all is takes to make a car reach 1 million miles? Ya know, putting all of the hope and care that you can in order to make it survive against all odds; like regularly getting a maintenance check up and replacing old parts so that it doesn't break down, thus preventing an early death. Or, washing it every week because you want your lovely automobile to look just as good as you.

What if we could be like cars?

Ya know, staying in a relationship through thick and thin, even when our oil is runnin' low or if we need a new radiator. Having the willingness to go over 900,000 miles because your owner loves and cares about you very much. "What you get, you give" is the bumper sticker that's on your windshield, and you're proud of it since it's true.

You be gettin' that love and givin' it. And no matter what, when you feel that key, you always start. Ready for anything, even a long trip...or a short one. That's just how you roll.

I wouldn't mind being a Lexus and going the distance. But, my question would be:

Who has the keys?

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