Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dating - Real vs Not Real.

Fake --

(photo found here)

Very real --
(photo found here)

What's your preference?
It's all good, either one. Some of us like a nice weave and others prefer the natural look. In terms of dating, I think it's always a good idea to think about what you're cool with and what you're not.
There's nothing worse and more awkward than realizing you're with someone who has a fake something or another. This can be breasts, a penis, or hair. Ya never know what to say or how to ask, "Is that real?" Or, you may not even feel like it's your place.
In my opinion, dating is all about communication and putting yourself out there. You kinda have to be on the same page otherwise the foundation ain't so solid. That's why I think there's nothing wrong with saying, "Hey, you're absolutely gorgeous. I feel a little unsure about whether or not your hair is real, so I thought I'd ask. Do you mind telling me about it?"
It may be a little blunt, but it's real and it's a healthy way to break it down. Plus, you gotta get your needs fulfilled, too. If a weave ain't part of that equation, then you definitely want the 411.

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