Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ashton Kutcher's "End Hunger Now" Campaign.

Hey there,
Just wanted to give ya'll an update on Ashton Kutcher's campaign to end hunger. He called for video submissions from random people asking for them to say the following: "Are you Hungry? I'm hungry. Dig in!" So, I did that with my good friend (who is in the video above) and submitted it two weeks ago. Ashton and his team got back to us commenting that they wanted another one with us saying the following: "Hunger is not an option, join the community that cares." Below you can also check out that one. In the next week or so, he's going to premiere the campaign video in which he'll focus on a handful of the submissions. Let's hope ours is one of them!!

When you're young like me, it's always a good idea to try new things. I'm all about putting myself out there and taking a chance -- even if I fail.

Reach for da stars, peeps!

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