Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dating - I'll Take A Glass of Merlot.

A recent study came out saying that the way a person holds his or her drink says mucho about their personality.

Sip, sip.

(photo found here)

Apparently there are eight different types of drinkers. Here are a few examples from this article found on AOL Health:

The Ice-Queen

Women generally fall into this cold and defensive category, according to Wilson. The ice-queen usually drinks from a wine glass that his held across her body so as to fend off unwanted advances. You're best off not approaching this type as she is likely armed with a put-down.

The Playboy

This man oozes with sexuality. His choice of drink? A long bottle that he plays with suggestively. He is likely to be very hands-on with his female companions.

The Fun Lover

At the center of a group, enjoying herself is the fun-lover. She holds her glass loosely and only takes small sips from it so she can still chime in to the conversation. She's eager to extend her social network, so if you're looking to find an in with a fun-lover, strike up a conversation and make her laugh.

I wonder which one I would be from the group...probably, "The Flirt" or "The Fun Lover." Maybe even a mix of the two. Hmm...who knows if you can categorize someone by an ounce of vodka or a shot of tequila, but one thang is for sure:

The drink won't matter when the kiss is great.

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