Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chronicles Of A 20-Something, Golf and Family.

Sunshine for miles...and grass. I cruise in a golf cart with my Dad and Brother in silence. At this moment, we're looking for my ball that has chosen to bounce into a rough patch of grass.

I see it, jump out. Grab a club.

Me: "I don't think I can hit with this 3 wood."
Dad: "You got it. Just keep your head down. Don't move your body."
Brother: "Yeah, you got it, sis."
I haven't played in months, but their words make me believe I can do it.
Me: "Okay, here goes nothing."
I set my feet into the grass. Hard. I straighten my arms like Tiger and hit the ball with all of my strength, causing the ball to sail into the sky. Wow, I did it.
Dad: "That's what I'm talkin' about!"
Brother: "Good going, sis."
I turn to them, wishing I could frame this moment and look at it whenever I want. How I wish I could have caught the ball as it flew off and kept it in my pocket. These moments mean more to be than anything in the world. As I walk toward them :
Me: "I'm getting better."
Dad: "You're a natural."
Brother: "Word, LoLo."
I get back into the cart with them and we drive in silence. Sometimes nothing has to be said at all for the love to be heard loud 'n clear.

I can't say how important being surrounded by love is, particularly during these times when the economy is tough and many bad things are happening all over the world.

Keep your family close to you.

And I'm not just talkin' blood related. Family can be your friends, dog, lover, or next door neighbor. Point is, we all need and deserve to be surrounded by people who love us unconditionally.

Gotta go hit some balls.

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Angela H. said...

lolo, really? My favorite cousin's nickname. I love golf, although not that good. I love playing with my friends, and pulling out my (late) father's battered, old fashioned, funny looking putter...friend's are like really??? I say yes, and I drain it. Usually in my dreams, but I can dream, right???