Monday, July 20, 2009

Show - "Intervention"

She puffs computer cleaner and blames it on her mother because she didn't protect her from being molested by her father.

She sucks and sucks and sucks on these cans like her life depends on it, even if someone is sitting right in front of her. And, sometimes, she'll take a knife and cut away at her arms. Like it's food. Ya know, just something that comes naturally.

Shock. Horror. Sadness.

These are all of the things I felt when I watched this episode of "Intervention."

Her name is Allison and she's mad. Even her old grandmother can't stop the girl from charging out of the room when she realized they were all there to get her help for this addiction.

Or her sister, who dealt with the same terrible experiences as a little girl, couldn't get her to stay...not even as she wept on the sidewalk as Allison drove off. Telling her "you're going to die if you don't get help."

That didn't matter to her. Allison wasn't going to listen to them. "We'll take your cats away." Oh, well. She still didn't care.

So, her family called an Animal Patrol Officer to take her animals where they live with Allison in filth. When they came, it wasn't just the cats they were worried about.

It was also her and all of the cuts on her body. And her slurred speech...her unhealthy frame.

Officer: "We're taking you to the Newport hospital. You can either come nice and quietly, or we can put you in handcuffs."

She fought. Hard. But, they took her anyway. My heart broke for her as she fell to the ground. A broken soul torn and hurt from a fucked up childhood.

After a few days, she finally gave in to the treatment that her family offered, saying, "I'm scared of these people. I don't know what to expect."

Two months later

...she's been sober for over sixty days. A brand new woman. As she reads aloud from her journal to a therapist about her fears, I start to get teary eyed --

"I'm afraid of being alone or abandoned. And, the 'cause, um, was being deserted one time or another by one of my parents. It affects my self worth. That I am unlovable and not good enough."

We all have beauty on the inside, and fears. Sometimes we have moments in our life where we hit rock bottom. And, at these moments, having a support system is critical. Allison's family didn't give up, even when she kicked and screamed at them. Unconditional love. Wow.

There are also many of us who have given up hope on another person for whatever reason, thinking it's a waste or that the person is never going to change. But, sometimes refusing to leave and just freakin' being there can turn things around. Yes, don't get me wrong, I understand that there are exceptions; you can't put yourself at risk if someone is abusing you. However, for those who are addicted to drugs or just need a helping hand, consider reaching out.

You never know when they might finally grab on.

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