Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lotto Tickets And Mistakes.

I think I may need to move back to New York, peeps. Someone in Queens is now a rich, rich person.

How rich?

Like 133 million dollars rich. Unfortunately, though, that lucky individual hasn't made the claim yet for their winning Mega Millions ticket.

Bum to the er.

How disappointing can it be to have the winning ticket and not know it? How do you get over knowing that it could be you?

(photo found here)

There are things you can get over pretty easily. Examples:

-Accidentally throwing away your favorite DVD.
-Getting yelled at by your boss or partner.
-Forgetting to get bananas at the grocery store.
-Farting hella loud when you thought no one was around, but turns at a whole crowd heard it.


Losing a lottery ticket that's worth over 100 million bucks is a tough thang to get over. Like, if I was on my deathbed dying, I'd be thinking: "wonder where that lotto ticket is?" or, "maybe my millions will be in Heaven...or in Hell. F-ck it, I'll go wherever."

No lie, this is a mistake that stays with you.


What if it was meant to be this way? Maybe this person wasn't meant to win that money. Or, maybe someone else who needs it more will come across that ticket and think, "maybe I should check these numbers."

To be real,

There are things in life we may never understand. Like why a mother abandoned her son or why a man murdered his wife. Hell, I wish I understood why I was jobless for so long, but the point is, these things happened and there was nothing we could do about it.

So, you got laid off and live with your parents now because your Savings account is empty. And big deal if you gained ten pounds after a hard break-up. These are life lessons, not mistakes.

Sure, 133 million bucks is a lot of dough. But, tomorrow is a new day and ya never know what the next lotto ticket will bring.

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