Monday, July 13, 2009

Laid Off?

Apparently there are a few ways to avoid getting laid off. I don't like all of 'em, but I do agree with these --

Step Up-and Wear Very Big Shoes

Don't wait for someone else to solve your problems. Your manager needs to hear how the organization can trim costs, manage the supply chain better, find a new client, improve processes, motivate the workforce, and deliver the next big thing.
Observe what your competitors are trying and testing, read everything relentlessly, and ask people how you can improve what you do.
Your goal here is to make sure there'd be a gaping hole if you were no longer around. Make the choice every day to do work that really matters to the success of the team and the company. Put yourself in a position that is crucial to the success of a new initiative, or dig in to solve a vexing, long-neglected problem. Maintain a bias for action in every meeting.

Walk Away from the Water Cooler

When straits are dire and headlines scary, the last thing your company needs is negative, gossipy employees who polarize colleagues into an us-vs.-them dynamic. Employers value passionate overachievers whose uplifting attitude contributes to a more energizing team culture. Whatever it takes, keep the negative mindset out of the office. This is your mantra: No complaining, no blaming! Dwell on what can be rather than what can't.

Start Tweeting or Start Packing
Look at the Millennials and see how they work, how they make decisions, and what technology and tools they use. No time for "I don't do Twitter or Facebook." Acquaint yourself with social networks, mobile applications, and commerce platforms to remain relevant. Let them intimidate you and you give your boss reasons to replace you with someone younger and more in the game. Ask a family member to help, take a course, read a book...and dive in.


Let's be real here. If you aren't on a computer or trying to get with the times then you're in denial, being too damn stubborn, or just plain silly. We must stay as connected as possible, and even though computers aren't very personal, you can still maintain relationships via social sites. It's just a smart and hip way to go.


Let's say you do all of these things that the article mentions. Is it a guarantee that you'll have a job for as long as you want or not get fired? Naw. But, you'll be better off in the future if you implement a few of these tools.

I'm just sayin'.

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