Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top 10: No-No's Behind the Wheel

Top 10
Thangs Your Ass Shouldn't Be Doing
Behind the Wheel
1) Writing a novel or updating your status on Facebook, even after you see a cop car next to you.
2) Changing from business attire into a club outfit. Well...unless you're J.Lo...or Halle Berry.
3) Holding and reading a textbook in one hand and highlighting with the other. Uh, no!
4) Shaving your bald head...or other parts for that matter.
5) Mascara = hot. Applying it on the freeway = not so hot.
6) Filming a video on your digital camera of you driving in which you talk about how you're driving and shouldn't be because you'll more than likely kill yourself or others in an accident.
7) No S-E-X in the champagne room.
8) Letting your dog hang out of the driver's window, thus panicking other drivers that he or she will fall on its ass and immediately get run ova.
9) Writing on your laptop! Yo, leave the office at home, folks.
10) Eating, and that includes non-edible items.
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