Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dating - You Asked Me Out, Right?

Let's say a guy asks you out. Do you expect him to plan the date?

I was asked out on a date and then, the night of it, asked to plan everything. This was my response:

Me: "Honestly, I expected you to plan out the date you asked me on. Would you like to reschedule so you have more time to figure it out?"

Okay, some of you may feel that is harsh. But, I think it's first date protocol.

I ask you out = I plan the date.

Isn't that the nice thing to do? I think it shows that I care enough to make sure we both have a great time. I can't help but feel like you aren't very interested if you haven't thought about the date you asked me on over three weeks ago.

I'm not sayin' rule out the person completely, but perhaps it's something to be cautious about.

If he isn't showing consideration now, what will happen when we're in a relationship? It's a valid question to ask yourself and one to keep asking for everyone you date.

Ever been with someone who showed a lack of interest and care, but totally turned it around?

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