Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fathers and Daughters - To Touch or Not to Touch.

Welp, just when you thought Hulk Hogan and his daughter's incestuous relationship could get even more perverted, guess your pretty faces again.

Brooke gave a spicy pole dance at the Ocho Calle Latin festival in Miami two weekends ago and guess who was in the audience watching...and drooling. Yes, the great Hulk. Her nasty, sun tanned father.

"Of course I was there," Hogan told Life & Style. "I try to make it to as many of Brooke's performances as possible. I support her and everything that she does."

Gross. So gross. If I was giving a pole dance feet away from my father he would permanently move to the North Pole. His ass would get so far from me that I'd have to send Obama to get him back in the same state. Hulk Hogan should not want to be anywhere near his daughter when she's half naked. It's disturbing.
I'm all for fathers and daughters being affectionate, but this is going a little too far...right?

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