Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recessions and Young Peeps and Jobs.

We're in a recession. That's for sure.

As I went on yet another interview this month, I realized that this whole being an adult thang is tougher than I thought it would be. Sure, everyone tells you --

"One day you'll have to get a job, ya know, and pay your own bills."

Sure, I've heard it, but it's easier said than done. I feel lost, as times, about how to get from A to B to C when I haven't truly learned the alphabet.

There are many young peeps in my shoes. Who did everything they were told -- worked hard, got excellent grades, stayed out of trouble -- and still find themselves in a hole. Find that they can't get a job or struggle to pay the bills each month without their parents' help.

This is a reality for many folks, young and old. But, for the peeps who are learning how to make it, such as myself, it's a tough time.


It's a great time as well. A great time for getting thick skin and reaching way down deep to see how strong we are. That we can survive and make it on our own.

I've been in California for a while now looking for work and it hasn't happened yet. But, that's okay. What has happened is that I'm discovering myself. I'm writing more because I have more time. And, when I stop focusing on how to get a job or pay the bills, I realize that I am happy.

Just because you may be broke and jobless doesn't mean ya gotta be unhappy.

I have another interview coming up next week, which is for an assistant position. We'll see what happens. Stay strong, all of you, who are struggling. There's hope.

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