Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Being Young and Making Mistakes.

Oprah is a smart woman. I think all peeps, young and not so young, should watch her every now 'n then.

On Friday's show, Oprah urged Rihanna to leave Chris Brown: "Heal yourself first...and remember that love doesn't hurt." She also advised the couple to go get counseling.

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I know we've discussed this before, but I feel like Rihanna should consider never talking to this guy again.

When a man puts his hands on a woman or vice versa, that's it. It's time to get the check and bounce. I don't care if you didn't finish your meal.

But, from what it sounds like, Rihanna more than finished her meal. She went back to the joint on multiple occasions. This is just the first we're hearing about it. I guess when the food's amazing, you can't help but keep going back.

To be real, I know love is hard and complicated. Sometimes you get yourself into really unhealthy situations without realizing it. I understand. But, when you are a role model to millions of young people you have to be smarter. There's a responsibility...right?

Letting this happen is basically telling women and little girls that it's okay for a man to hit you. It's telling young men you can disrespect a woman because she'll come back anyway. If I had a child who adored these stars, I would be infuriated with both of them. My heart would ache for my daughter or son. I would wonder where this country's headed. I would wonder if my child's self esteem could survive in this dog-eat-dog world where only a size 0 and a bruised face are appreciate.

Then I'd soften up and remember that Rihanna and Chris Brown, like me, are young peeps growing and maturing each day. And, with that comes making mistakes. I think the key is learning from 'em and not maintaining the same patterns, if they're negative, in our life.

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