Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lesbian Club - Pros/Cons

Going To A Lesbian Club

1) C**chie everywhere.
2) Usually a small number of butterfaces.
3) Always bound to see a famous person, usually from some reality show or "The L Word."
4) A great place for hot straight girls to go if they need some attention -- physical or emotional.
5) Have the hottest/sexiest Go-Go dancers and strippers (TruckStop).
6) Not many straight/gay guys.
7) Can always go home with someone, although they may smell very different in the morning.

1) Hormonal, moody pu**y everywhere.
2) They've all f--ked each other at least once in their head and twice in reality.
3) A fight will break out...almost always involving nothing at all.
4) You may see someone's mother with her new girlfriend.
5) Desperate 40+ year olds everywhere waiting to grab your booty.
6) Seeing the same goddamn women every week, also known as The Regulars.
7) Will always get a straight male tourist asking you for a kiss before he goes back to Greece or Azerbaijan.
6) Drama, drama, and more drama.


Lori said...

PS. What's a butterface???? Come on, help an old woman out and translate!

mc_cool said...

you're hilarious and i'm a fan not 40+ YET.