Friday, March 13, 2009

Dating - Getting Rejected.

"I don't feel like there's a love connection."

Those are the words I heard last night by a lovely woman, even after we kissed and had a great date. It left me feeling confused and hurt. But, I appreciated the honesty.

And, I appreciate how much time I saved.

To be real, when someone turns you down it doesn't feel good. But, knowing how the other person feels is great because it allows you both to be on the same page.

As I learn more about dating and what I'm looking for, I begin to realize that rejection doesn't reflect on how amazing I am as a person. It just means I ain't meant to be with that particular person.

This is a part of life. With some we'll have chemistry and with others, it may not be there. Are you dating anyone who you know, deep down, ain't the one for you? Consider breakin' it down and telling him or her the truth.

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