Friday, March 6, 2009


Being friends with an Ex. . . does it work?

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Langston said...

Hey Lauren,

Nice blog. Couldn't help but comment on this post. I'm still best friends with one of my exes and maybe it's slightly different than what you're talking about because we aren't lesbians and we broke up because I was more into guys then girls, but I can understand the impulse. My friend and I were together for 3 years, broke up, had sex still for about a year after and since have been purely platonic best friends for 4 years.

Really getting to know someone takes a lot of time and effort and joyful and painful experiences shared together and if you have put that much time and energy into a relationship, it's hard to throw that away even if you realize you aren't compatible for whatever reason. Why throw away a really deep connection with another human being just because you aren't going to have sex anymore? I understand your point about it being easy to slip back into not moving on and having sex with each other and I've been there, but I think that's a stage you go through and if there's something else worth saving after the sex is gone you should save it.

Much love,