Monday, May 18, 2009

Dating - How Tall is Too Tall?

Ya know, I was at a club recently and this tall woman came ova to me. I mean, her face was bangin' and so was her body, but...I had to look up to see her. Like, way up.

I hate to say it, but I learned that night, as I rubbed my neck, that it was a deal breaker for me. I can't realisitcally see, 60 years from now, still having a functioning neck if I'm with her.

For real, though. And then I remembered meeting the Lakers. And how those foolz were almost double my height. I mean, damn, I can't imagine what their you-know-what looks like if their shoe is size 500. When I met them, I felt like I was standing next to Godzilla. Or, next to Hulk Hogan times 20. I felt like they were not even human beings. I know, that sounds rough. But take a look and you'll see what I'm sayin --

I couldn't handle it, but everyone is different.
Could you?

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Cheryl said...

Am I in this category? lol