Thursday, May 21, 2009

America the Not So Beautiful?

Yo, it's official -- Kris Allen is Season 8's winner of American Idol.

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Awww, how exciting. Isn't he cute? But hey, I'm sure America didn't vote for him for his attractive smile and boyish charm. I'm sure girls didn't call in by the trillions because he is straight up Disney material and one Jonah away from his own show about nothing. Or, because he comes from a "picture perfect" middle class, picket-fence family and has a woman for a wife...right?

Not so Much

Let's get real. Kris Allen won because all of the tweens and bible belt lovin' folks voted for him. Yes, he's talented, but Adam is even more gifted. Hold up though. I can't point fingers when I didn't vote once. Or, when my friends didn't vote once. Complaining that Adam should have won when many of us didn't vote for him isn't fair. But, this is America and we should have faith in each other...right?

Not so much

I'm not saying we shouldn't believe in our country, but perhaps could take more accountability for ourselves and our actions. This is a great example, for me, of how I should always support those I believe in. Why didn't I take the time out to call in and support Adam? Like many, I assumed everyone else would vote for him. Boy was I wrong, but that's no ones fault except for mine.
So, we got two choices -- take this time to complain and hate on all of the Fox lovin' girls who voted for Kris, or learn from the past and pick up the phone next time we want to support an amazingly talented individual.
Gotta go make a call.

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