Monday, May 25, 2009

We Could All Use A Hero!

A bulldog named Brittney saved her owner's life from their burning home just two weeks after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

(photo f ound here)

Brittney's owner, Scott Seymour, said she awakened him with her loud barks early Saturday just in time to save 'em both from serious injury, probably death. If it wasn't for her, they'd both probably be gone.

Thank goodness Scott didn't put her down.

We could all use a Hero in our life, whether it's a dog or a lover. But, not a hero in the sense of being constantly rescued.

Just something or something that you know has your back. Who you know will be there no matter what -- even when your house is burning up. It's a good question to ask, to wonder...right?

Check out the article and Brittney's future on this site.

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