Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just A Scene

Introducing something new called, "Just A Scene" in which I post a scene with 2-4 characters, either from something off the cuff or from a script I wrote.

This is a scene from one of my features involving CHAD, a former childhood star who is now obese and not so famous, and KELLY, a hot fitness trainer Chad's in love with and lives next door to. (note: Dean is Kelly's boyfriend).

Chad, now wearing a sweatshirt, watches as Dean’s car speeds off. Chad sees Kelly crying inside her apartment. She looks up, sees him and OPENS the front door.
KELLY: "Did I wake you?"
CHAD: "Yeah, eight is way past my bedtime."
Chad pulls out a napkin from his pocket, hands it to her.
KELLY: "I’m fine."
Kelly tries to keep her composure, but it isn’t working. She cries in the napkin. Chad doesn’t know what to say or do.
CHAD: "I’ll leave you alone."
Chad starts to leave, but Kelly grabs his hand.
KELLY: "Come in, I need to vent."
Off Chad’s reluctant look...

Chad cuts the heart shaped CAKE we saw earlier: a small slice for Kelly and a slightly bigger slice for himself. He listens as Kelly vents --
KELLY: "...he’s a jerk, an inconsiderate jerk who doesn’t care about my feelings. Is it crazy that I don’t want another woman calling my boyfriend two or three times a day?"
Chad places her slice of cake in front of her on a table. He carefully places silverware next to the plate with a napkin. Kelly looks at him, waiting for a response.
CHAD: ", no. It’s not."
KELLY: "Who the hell hangs out with their ‘friend’ four nights a week? Especially if they’re
your type. (beat) And don’t ask me how I know she’s his type. I just do. Long hair, soft skin, nice body."
Chad scans his body, doesn’t like what he sees.
KELLY(CONT’D): "I’d even do her. (eats cake) This is really amazing."
CHAD: "Thanks, it took a while to make."
KELLY: "You made this? No cake mix or bakery involved?"
CHAD: "That’s right."
KELLY: "Interesting."
CHAD: "What?"
KELLY: "’re very sweet, Chad. (beat) My boyfriend could learn a lot from you."
Kelly pushes aside her unfinished cake.
CHAD: "Are you allergic to something?"
KELLY: "No, I just...I try not to overload on fattening foods."
Awkward moment. Chad looks at his slice: should I finish it? Kelly senses this.
KELLY: (CONT’D) "It’s really amazing. The best cake I’ve ever had hands down."
Kelly smiles at him. He smiles back. She rests her head in the crook of his arm. Chad blushes.
KELLY: (CONT’D) "What would you do if your girlfriend was talking to another guy all of the
CHAD: "Probably dump her."
KELLY: "Wow, Mr. Harsh."
CHAD: "It’s been years since I’ve been in a relationship."
KELLY:(a beat) "Love is essential for me, to my well-being. I know it sounds shallow, but the
thought of not loving someone really scares me. What if it doesn’t scare him?"
CHAD "I’m sure it does."
KELLY: "How do you know?"
Chad doesn’t know. She closes her eyes as her words hang in the air. A beat, then she starts lightly SNORING. Chad eyes his slice of cake. He tries to squeeze out, but Kelly’s got him pinned down. He sadly gives up and rests his head against a pillow.


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