Monday, April 5, 2010

Love My O.

Dear Lord, Oprah. I love you more and more as the days go by.

(photo found here)
You are the realest thing on television.
It's obvious that Oprah is going out with a bang and on her usual mission of touching people through the TV screen.
She won't be here much longer, folks. Tune in and enjoy...or, just purchase a subscription to her network -- OWN.
Today she had on a woman who lost 175 pounds and then gained it all back. My heart broke for her, but then it was put back together as she explained that her husband stuck by her side and supported her the entire way.
Unconditional love. The kind of thang where you'll be by your partner's side no matter what happens. It's something that I admire in people. And, also something I haven't experienced
before on a romantic level.
Truly feeling like I can be myself and not feel judged. Not feel like the person is going to run off when I have a moment of vulnerability. But, perhaps, that's my own issue. Okay, it totally is my issue!
Howeva, as a single woman, that's what I'm looking for: unconditional love, which starts with me. Knowing that I deserve that shiznit. Believing it. Feeling it.
I think that's the key to dating. Taking yourself out for a while, again and again until it starts to feel good. Buying yourself a gift or two until you start to get used to it. And then, forgiving yourself when you make mistakes. Like --
When a relationship doesn't work out
You have to ask your pops for rent money
That job interview didn't go the way you had hoped
Perhaps it's when we say it's okay that there's a shift. When we breathe and embrace who we are deep down, even the darkest part of ourselves. Knowing that it's part of being human and part of what makes us the amazing person that we are.
. . . Maybe.


Anonymous said...

I watched this episode. Ur a beautiful person. U deserve the best. Love the new layout. Looks great

Lauren Hamilton said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for the compliment. I am glad you're diggin' the new layout! I thought it was time for a change, you know? Change is a good thang I feel.