Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dating - It's Cool to Focus on You!

It's a beautiful day.

You're single, whether it's recent or...not so recent.

And, it's all good.
You ain't trippin'.

(photo found here)

A new day. A new perspective, or two. A new outlook.

You find it nice to talk to a man or a woman and not feel a need to need them.

There's beauty in connecting, but connecting with yourself these days.

And the way your body moves when it's walking on the beach, how your toes sneak into the sand or simply float...you never noticed that before.

Or, how you like listening to music in your underwear while sippin' on hot coffee (okay, maybe that's just me!).
You're here.

Reflecting on life. Reaching out to old friends and new ones.

These are the things you're living for now -- a different kind of love thang.

And, ya know what?

It's Cool.

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