Monday, April 5, 2010

Chasing Pavements.

Some of us

protect ourselves because it hurts too much to let go.

Or, maybe because it’s scary to let someone see what’s deep down inside, past the blood and the guts and the tears.

Like a prison, almost. Except it’s our own.

Don’t come too close or you’ll bite...right?

Or, perhaps, you’ll get bitten.

But, let’s get real --


Screw it, what do I know? I got my guard up, too. And frankly, I’m one heartbreak away from lockin’ up shop permanently. I know there are many of you out there smiling in agreement, two seconds away from callin’ it quits on love. At least you wouldn’t have to shave your legs as often, among other thangs.

I identify with wanting to give up, with not understanding what it was all worth after putting in all those sleepless nights and endless fights. I see you --

The jaded hearts.

The mangled limbs.

The life still waiting to come back into the Soul that fell to the ground when she left.

I feel you.

Yet, just as we almost finish building those steel doors and cement walls around our heart, another PYT comes walkin’ around the corner.


We, you, and I fall even harder as we chase her pavement.

(photo found here)

Copyright © Lauren Hamilton April 2010

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