Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chronicles Of A 20-Something - Long Distance Love.

I stand in a corner next to some wine. For once, I am not drinking since I'm on the job. A cute Blonde Girl approaches me, smiles.
Me: "Hi, would you like some wine?"
Without hesitation, she walks toward me.
Blonde Girl: "Totally."
I pour her a glass and laugh as she downs it. My boss said she was mean, but I doubt it. Everyone tends to get judged out here without a fair chance.
Me: "Rough day?"
Blonde Girl: "No, no. I'm, like, really freakin' nervous. I'm going to Mexico City tomorrow to see this guy."
Me: "Oh, cool. How long have you been dating?"
Blonde Girl: "I a few weeks or something."
New love. I like the way it looks, especially in her eyes. She looks so happy. I like happy peeps.
Me: "That's awesome."
Blonde Girl: "Yeah, I met him in Mexico City when I was hanging out with friends and then we hooked up. A week later he came to Cali and we spent time together for ten days straight. Now I am going back to see him."
Me: "Sounds fun. Are you staying in a hotel?"
Blonde Girl: "No, I'm staying with him."
She's really going for it. I remember those days.
Me: "Awesome, does he have a nice place?"
Blonde Girl: "I dunno, I think he lives with his parents in, like, the basement. I really have no clue."
Part of me admires her for going for it and not thinking about the details, or safety. She could get killed, but let's not focus on that.
Me: "Sounds fun. What does he do for a living?"
She looks up at the ceiling to think, or to dream.
Blonde Girl: "I don't really know. I think he, like, works with homeless people. It's something we don't really talk about."
Instead of taking the time to judge her words, I pour some more wine into her glass.
Blonde Girl: "Thank you for the wine. I love your make-up by the way. What's the brand?"
Me: "Um, I totally forgot. I bought everything at Sephora though. Ya know, people probably think you're nuts for going to see this guy, but I think it's cool. I took a plane to New York to see a woman I hardly knew and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life."
Blonde Girl: "Wow, that's cool."
Me: "Yeah, I fell in love for the first time and have no regrets. People thought it wasn't smart and told me not to meet her, but I had to follow my heart."
Blonde Girl: "Exactly. I mean, who cares, right. Like, life is short. I am twenty-five, in school, and have no idea what I, like, really want to do with the rest of my life. What's the big deal with that?"
I take her words in and find myself agreeing. Many of us think 25 is already kind of old, but it's really only the beginning. If only we believed that...
Me: "Honestly, I don't even know. I think everyone is still figuring it out, gurl."

Long distance love.

Most of us have a strong reaction to these words that's either, "Oh hell no!" or, "I'd love to try that." I've done it and it was great for that time. I remember feeling free and happy, even in those moments of complete ignorance.

But, as a young woman in your 20s, there should be some common sense in regards to safety and boundaries. Going to Mexico City to see a man you hardly know in addition to staying with him without seeing the accommodations just ain't smart. It's kind of fascinating, though, that she's doing this. It makes me wonder --

What makes us act with so much disregard and reckless abandon? What makes someone take a week off of work, call in a ton of favors, and ignore any and all advice to go do something like this?
It's naughty.
It's dangerous.
It's cool.
It's sexy.
It's gross.
Some may say that taking a flight to meet a complete stranger is just...stupid. Well, let's get real, most will say that. But, not me.
Why not take a chance -- even if it gets you killed?

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