Friday, April 16, 2010

Dating - Top 10 Red Flags!

Let's get real,

Dating is tough. You never know what the heck you're gettin', which can be a scary thang.

For me, I find that having a list of red flags in my mind saves a lot of time. It's the difference between wasting a few minutes, or a few months when you know what you want.

When you don't have an idea of that, you can find yourself hangin' with a person who isn't fulfilling your needs, wondering: what was it all worth?

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Top 10 Red Flags
1) Texataholic. Every time you hang with your special somebody, they always scan their phone or text during the date. This is disrespectful plus it ain't cool. Give 'em a shot to improve, but if it doesn't, move da hell on.
2) Dressed not to impress. You know how this goes -- the guy or gal comes to the club with sandles on and a dirty tank top. Or, she never puts on perfume/make-up when she probably should. Unless you like that look, you're probably better off bouncin' before it's too late.
3) Too much chaos. Does your love interest always talk about who they're fighting with or has a pattern of attracting drama?
4) Something doesn't smell right. Having a strong natural body odor is different than not showering or wearing deodorant. Check it.
5) Bad communicator. If ya'll can't figure out where to go on a date, or find that you express feelings in the opposite way, the road is gonna be hella rough. Like one person shuts down to solve an issue and the other insists on talking it through -- gettin' on the same page will be a challenge. But hey, if you're willing to work on it, don't fold on a pair of aces!
6) What are you looking at? If you're the only thing he or she can't keep their attention on, then pick up your keys and run out the door. There are many peeps who have the respect and kindness to Not look at others while spending time with you.
7) What's fake and what's not. Can't tell if her weave is fake or if he's really that well-endowed? Be honest and ask 'em...well, maybe not over dinner.
8) Let's Drink...again! Drinking in the morning, evening, and...well, all of the time, ain't cool. If you're seeing addictive behavior, be real with yourself.
9) The relationship addict. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely cautious of someone who is always in a relationship. How do you have time to know yourself and heal if you don't stop and breathe for a while?
10) Where da morals at? This is a big one. Don't let a nice ass or big breasts distract you on this, peeps. If you're dating someone who lies to others, steals, or participates in negative actions, run to your car. And if you stay, don't be surprised when your flat screen TV goes missing.

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