Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'll Take A Glass of Water?!

Me: "Doc, do I really need to cut down on the wine?"
Doctor: "4-10 glasses a week isn't healthy...not to preach or anything."
Me: "How about a bottle a week?"
Doctor: "More like half a bottle a month would be better."
Me: "You're killing me, doc. You're killing me."
Doctor: "Well, in a way, you are. Just wait thirty years until your liver gets progressively worse and worse...I can't say it will for sure, but there is a VERY high chance the way you're drinking."
Me: "Oh, come on. Isn't a glass of wine a night good for you?"
Doctor: "It's alcohol. No. Not at all. Some studies will say it is, but no one knows for sure. It's all about moderation."


The woman is right. I can already feel my heart as it falls to the ground and cries. I will miss having wine several times a week, but at least this will make me enjoy it during the rare times that I do.

Sometimes we need to take a breath and slow down to enjoy the Present moment. Sometimes having things taken away will only then allow us to appreciate it more. Yes, this includes people as well. I am already looking forward to that day when I can take that beautiful glass of wine and sip on it slowly...

Doctor: "Remember, just one cup...Lauren...not two or three or four."
Doc, I got it!!
RIP Merlot, champagne, etc. - one for me and one for my homies.

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