Saturday, August 22, 2009

Don't Steal My Style!

This is Roisin Murphy.
This is Lady Gaga.
I don't like to make comparisons or accuse folks of stealing thangz from other peeps,

Lady G's style does look a lot like Roisin Murphy's. I'm just being real.
Okay, so then you'll say to me, "Lauren, what's truly original these days anyway? Usher and every boy band in the world took their style and moves from Michael Jackson."
That's when I will nod my head and say, "good point" since, after all, it is. And, after debating back 'n forth, let's say, for another five minutes I'll reach this conclusion --
I guess it doesn't matter all that much, especially because she's cute and writes great lyrics. For me, I like to see different layers of an artist -- actually, of all individuals. Yeah, give me the glamor and the fake eyelashes, but show me your other side as well. Like,
I know we all have bad hair days.
Don't wear make up all the time.
At Dinah Shore I saw Lady Gaga perform and what touched me the most was when her small frame punched down hard on those piano keys and sang from her heart. That's what I'll always remember. Not her fake hair. Not her crazy outfits. Just her fingers and the way she sang those notes. I walked away thinking, "there's more to this chick than I thought. She's mad talented." Yes, I made an assumption that she was another Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan, but she's not. The woman can flat out saaaang.
So, I guess what I'm saying is I wish the raw emotion that I saw a few months ago at her concert was reflected in the way that she presented herself to the world.
But who am I to judge?

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