Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dinah Shore - Pros/Cons.

Dinah Shore
1) Honies, honies, and more honies.
2) Guaranteed to get a great tan.
3) Parties everywhere, especially in the hotel rooms.
4) Encouraged to be your lesbianic self all da time.
5) There's alcohol around every corner. Good alcohol at that. Dinah doesn't bring cheap ladies.

1) Need at least 1,200 dollars or a sugamomma to attend (includes lodging, drinks, etc.)
2) Vomiting will occur often due to over consumption of alcohol and other fluids.
3) Promoters have a stick up their ass, actually a few sticks.
4) High chance of running into an ex who is more than likely making out with someone you know.
5) Too much sun will tire your ass out and increase nap time.
6) You'll fall in love, kiss, have sex with a woman all in one day and then hate her the next, which sucks, because you'll keep running into her the whole weekend.

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mc_cool said...

you are funny and awesome. thanks for giving me the inside scoop! haha, i don't have to go or spend money to enjoy it from your blog. hehe.