Tuesday, April 14, 2009

List - Pros/Cons - Los Angeles.

Los Angeles

1) 24/7 sex on the beach weather.
2) Good lookin' bodies and pretty faces everywhere you turn.
3) Mellow, mellow, mellow.
4) If I drop my make-up bag, peeps help a sistah pick up her shiznit.
5) My room isn't a small box that costs $1,000 a month.
6) When people reject you, at least it's with a fake smile on their face.
7) Happy hours at every corner!

1) Easy to waste the entire day with the sunshine and beaches at your disposal.
2) Too many fake smiles.
3) You get the strange feeling that the person who helped you pick up your make-up bad is also talking about you behind your back.
4) Everyone is "in the business," or about to be the next Brad Pitt.
5) All about connections and who you know.
6) No one wears sweats...ever.
7) You may see 10 black people outside of Compton, Hawthorne, and the LAX area.

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