Friday, April 17, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese's - Fight?

Check it --

Two Boston moms got into a crazy ass fistfight at Chuck E. Cheese's Saturday. Apparently, one woman's son "hogged" an arcade game from the other's 9-year-old birthday boy and the arms started flying.

(photo found on

Is Chuck E. Cheese's putting crack in their cotton candy? This is like the twentieth fight that I've heard about in a month at this place. Why are mothers taking out their recession frustration in a place full of smelly kids and shitty diapers?

You don't see recent graduates like myself doing this or going insane over not being able to land a job or pay monthly bills. We just keep on chuggin' away.

Thank god Chuck E. Cheese's is filing charges against these mothers. The world's a much better place now that they're going to face consequences.

Can't have peeps going Chris Brown on folks.

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