Friday, April 10, 2009

Dating - Mixed Messages.

Nicely decorated. Crowded with gorgeous Women. Hip, trendy music plays. I stand against a wall and see a cute white girl. We'll call her Crush.
I smile, glad to see her. Crush smiles back. Approaches me.
Me: "Hey, how are you?"
Crush looks at me, but quickly focuses her attention on something else. What's she hiding?
Crush: "I'm good! I'll see you later. Gotta go say hello to a friend."
I reach out to Crush as she walks off, not understanding why she's running off before the conversation had a chance start.

Me: "Hey, did I say something to offend you?"
Crush: "No, no, of course not."
Me: "Well, you've been kind of short with me lately. Not as friendly. Just wondering."
Crush: "We're cool. We're totally cool. I just didn't know you were so young. 1986. Wow."
Me: "So, that's the deal breaker?"
A pause. Her eyes focus in on a cute black gurl, then back on me.
Crush: "No. See that girl over there. That's the one I told you about who I've been sleeping with. She has a girlfriend now and I blew it."
I sigh inside myself. Why does she have drama I didn't know about. As much as it pains me, I add to the conversation --
Me: "Oh, really. So, what are you going to do?"
Crush: "I don't know. I don't have a shot anymore with her. God, she's so hot. I can't even be around her."
And like that, my Crush is off and heading over to one of her friends. I think to myself, what a player that one is. I think, is she stupid for passing me by? I wonder if I have enough cash for another drink.

At first I was upset. She gave me mixed messages and it hurt my feelings that she was inconsistent. But, at least she was honest with me. I know that sometimes we can't help how our heart reacts to others.

Doesn't mean a sistah can't feel a little disappointed. Ya live and you learn...right?


Unknown said...

Eh, you ask me, girls are super-mean like that all the time.
Interesting to know that it happens to good-looking black-lesbians in addition to jew-froing losers too.

mc_cool said...

crushes maybe an orange crush or grape crush...but make sure they're cold...hehe