Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Things I Lost in Da Fire.

Well, we all learn lessons. Some the easy way and some the hard way.

I loaned an acquaintance my favorite book by Eckhart Tolle -- The Power of Now -- over three months ago, thinking I'd get it back within a reasonable amount of time. Honestly, I was glad to share it with her because we share some similar perspectives and I knew she'd appreciate his words. But, when someone else wanted to read my book, I asked for it back. No response. Then, I asked again and again. Then, after weeks of asking I realized --

Lauren, you can just buy another book and stop creating drama. She's not going to respond or mail it back to you and there are many places this energy can go toward that's being wasted on getting the book back.

Word. Sure, it means a lot to me for numerous reasons (the writing I scribbled, the worn pages, the smell), but it means more that my energy is focused on positive actions. And, pestering someone about an item I loaned ultimately doesn't matter in the scheme of thangz.

For example, maybe she's meant to keep the book. Perhaps one day years or months from now she'll find it under a cluttered sofa and read it during a troubled time in her life -- the catalyst to her awakening. Or, maybe she'll pass it on to another friend who so desperately needs the embrace of Eckhart's words and finds inspiration through them.

Who knows why certain things happen.

I mention this situation to you all to highlight the power of letting go and giving up the fight on battles that don't matter or do us any good. If you loan something to a friend, don't think you will or won't get it back. Just know that what you're doing is happening for a reason.

Give with love, knowing that the love may not be returned. And, be okay with that.

Truth is, I know nothing about her. We've never even had a deep conversation about who we really are or what we want in life. I don't even think she knows where I am from honestly. But, this is Los Angeles and this is the times we just don't know a damn thang about each other.

Gotta go hit up Besos.

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Maxine said...

I love your rhetoric. Whatever will be will be. Your writing's good as well - honest and no frills.