Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger Woods - Stuck in A Sandtrap.

Welp, it's official, folks. Tiger Woods had at least 1 affair, if not many more.

I gotta say, I'm shocked. Like Kobe Bryant's transgressions a few years back (r-a-p-e allegations), I just didn't see it coming. How can this sweet lookin' Mo-Fo be cheating on his wife? Okay, I guess one reason could be he's unhappy, but why not get a divorce? 'Cause the way thangz are going down right now it's more embarrassing for everyone involved by not signing those papers.

Which inspires me to ask, where's the respect? At the end of the day, that should be there. I can totally understand falling out of love with an individual, but not completely throwing care and consideration out da window. We all know that Tiger was lying, which caused his wife to go through his phone (amongst other things, probably). All he had to do was break it down and tell her, "I'm seeing other women. I'm not happy in this marriage." Sure, maybe he did, but I doubt it. Tiger was obviously very sneaky and dishonest about his cheating (check out the voicemails he left some of the ladies he slept with).

Okay, let me try to understand something real quick. What would cause me to go through my partner's phone? Hmm, I NEVER would, but if I did, this would be why --

-If she was telling constant lies that were driving me insane.
-If she wouldn't answer my questions, or ignored me when I asked about the possibility of her cheating.
-If I saw pics of her flirting with other women in different parts of the country.

But, once again, I am brought back to this question: is it our business? A few days ago, I would have said NO. But, now it is a definitely Yes. This man is a public figure who everyone recognizes in the world. He has a brand and an image to maintain. I've payed to see him and bought numerous products featuring his face smack dab on the front of it.

Tiger, you owe us an explanation. Straight up. No more of the superficial statements on your website. Get out of your house, put a band aid and Neosporin on your cut up face, and get your black booty to a TV studio.

I'm waiting with the rest of da world.

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notvalidaccunt said...

I like that line about where's the respect!? Why would you ever be in a partnership or a marriage where you didn't respect the person enough to be honest with them? I just don't get that.