Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome, February.

Oh, February, how I love thee.

(photo found here)

Yeah, you may not last that long, but you're the shiznit.

Soft gazes
And, most importantly,

(photo found here)

That's right. Black folk. This month is all about my peeps! I can smell the appreciation in the air as I walk outside my door every day. We've come a long way and brought a lot to this world. Hip hop. Dance. Jazz. Straight up coolness. Strength.

This is also a time to thank those amazing leaders who came before us to give individuals like me the rights I have, like walking down the street or getting to sit anywhere I want on da bus. These are things I definitely take for granted and don't think about. But, today, that changes. I'm here to say --

Thank you.

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