Thursday, November 14, 2013

Single_Never_Married--My New Web Show!

Hello, peeps, it has been a while!

As many of you know I wrote a book with my father about dating called, How to Get Real About Dating: A Father and Daughter's Guide to Finding Love at Any Age. You can view the book's website here. It was a great experience to write with my father and I feel blessed to know him better.

A few months ago I decided to write a web show inspired by the book called, Single_Never_Married. I sent it to my now business partner, Angela Burris, and she expressed wanting to direct it. Since that moment not too long ago, we have been blazing ever since! The first season is shot. I also created several other shows and we now have a channel called WillP TV!

What is Single_Never_Married about? A dating expert who sucks at dating. It follows the life of Deon, a dating expert, who hasn't had much luck at love. She wants nothing more than to fall in love yet she's very afraid at the same time. I'm sure many people can identify with this = ) I am starring in the show and it's my first time acting. You can watch the season premiere on NOVEMBER 18TH by going to WillP TV's website here.

There will be content every week that you can watch and comment on. Feel free to check everything out and let us know what you think. I love feedback!

I'm very excited about the future and it was so much fun to act in Single_Never_Married. I am definitely a writer at my core but acting is cool. Please tune in and watch on November 18th! Thank you.

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