Monday, December 6, 2010

Father and Daughter Know Best.

Dating ain'teasy, we all know that. But, with a positive attitude and a solid game can achieve anything.

Oh, and you have to get real.

Some questions to ask yourself...
Do I think of my dog as my "going out" buddy?
When my friends invite me to a movie do I ask, "what time you comin' over?"
Are my legs hairier than Chewbacca's?
We've all had our rough phases. And if you haven't, then all the power to ya. For all of ya'll down on your luck and wondering when love is going to come, wait it out. And, in the meantime,
shave your legs.
Exerpt from our (me and my father) book, It's Hard When You're Young, It's Tricky When You're Old: Gettin' Real About Dating.

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