Friday, September 17, 2010

"I'm Broke"


We all like it...or, at least the things it can give us.

I know I sure do. Since I've been working two jobs, I seem to have quite a bit of if. Actually, so do most of the people I work with as well. Yet, I always hear:

"I'm broke."


It makes me wonder how many of us, no matter how much $$ we have, end up short each and every month. Wanting and asking for more money whether it be from G-O-D or your momma.

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Let's be frank. Some peeps just don't know how to save for a rainy day, or any day at all. Damn, it is a lot easier said than done when you're looking at a gorgeous flat screen television, or an Ipad.
It's almost like these things are just screaming, "Buy me!"
I get it, I do. But hey, we gotta be smart. It's all about balance. You can have that television and still save money. How? Here are some ideas --
1) Instead of calling your homegurl to go eat at Cheesecake Factory three times a week, cut it down to twice a month. You'll adjust over time. Also, replace eating out with your Boo by cooking dinners at home. Last month I went out to eat over 10 times, which cost me over $250 dollars. Yeah, we all have hiccups. It's about how you recover that matters. Doing this every now 'n then is okay.
2) Take the train instead of your car. I usually spend $150 a month in gas on average. When I take the bus for the majority of the month, I save over half of that amount. Hey, multiply what I save ($75) by 12 and that equals $900...enough for a flat screen television.
3) Get a Sugamomma or Sugadaddy.
4) Open up a Checking account. If you haven't, consider doing it. This is a great way to see your transactions and track the way you spend $. I look at my statements at least 3 times a week to make sure I am on top of things.
5) Put an end to buying unnecessary items. You know you don't need that $20 T-Shirt with the words, "Oprah, don't go." And Lady GaGa will be around next year so you can hold off on buying those $500 tickets to her concert. Don't even go near Ikea. Those multi-colored desk lamps and triangular picture frames will always be there.
6) Pay off and cancel your credit cards until you only have 1. And don't allow it to go over $100 dollars.
Hope this helps. Being broke ain't fun. But, if you are smart about your spending habits then you won't ever have this problem.
Well, that is, if you don't lose your j-o-b.

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