Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'll Take the Cheater For $9 Million.

In North Carolina you can sue someone for cheating with your husband or wife, and that's just what Cynthia Shackelford did to her hubby's mistress -- Anne Lindquist -- for 9 million big ones.


I definitely like this story, but...is it really Anne's fault? I mean, her husband is the one who flirted and, um, had sex with her. He had to be open to the idea of cheating for the woman to approach him. For example,

I was at an event last night where I was able to meet the Lakers team. Some of those men are married, like Kobe, Lamar, Odom, Fisher, and Farmar which you definitely notice by their body language and eye contact. They didn't talk to one woman unless she was old, married, or not hot. They aren't looking to ruin their marriage by chattin' it up with a pretty young thang.

It's obvious in their energy, body language, and actions that they aren't looking for a fling or part-time lover.

In most cases, when there isn't room for an opening, cheating doesn't go down. I think Cynthia's husband wasn't happy in their 33 year marriage, which is why he walked out on her. He made a choice to cheat and disrespect his family in that way, not his mistress. Too bad you can't sue his ass.

What do you think?

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