Sunday, January 4, 2015

What It's Like Being A Social Media Consultant for the King of Vine - Andrew Bachelor

As many of you know, I've been working with Andrew Bachelor--the King of Vine--since last year. It has been a great experience and he's truly one of the nicest people I've ever met! And, everyone in his family has a big heart. They help out people and always give to those in need. Andrew even has his own foundation called, The RuJohn Foundation.

Andrew Bachelor with Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson Miller
I'm often asked, how did you start working with Andrew? Well, as a writer who wanted to work with him, I simply reached out to his agent. After weeks of waiting--since the King of Vine is so busy--Andrew emailed me. He wanted to know how I could help him out. I quickly sent over my resume and told him I would like to work with him. But, not collaborate; I wanted to be on his team. Sort of like Kevin Hart has his own core team of people who are behind the scenes -- that's what I wanted to be for Andrew.

When I met with #KingBach in a restaurant in Hollywood, CA last year he was extremely courteous and attentive. He had not only looked over my resume but also thoroughly researched me online. This is what I realized...

Smart and successful people are protective of who they allow into their circle 

As we started talking I offered him bottled water and even food, but he politely declined. I could tell he was on a mission to get to know me and understand my motives/what I could contribute to his goals. A few questions he asked:

"What are your long-term goals?"

"How many projects do you have fully complete?"

"Do you have your own transportation to get around?"

He clearly wasn't playing around. Luckily, I wasn't either and fully answered his questions. And, I passed! From that point on, Andrew and I have been working together. My main focus has been on his social media strategy and growing audience engagement. It's been fun and a pleasure to work with such a nice man who is also famous and incredibly talented. 

In future postings I will start to share some of my experiences with Andrew, reveal some of my social media tips that I've implemented, and much more. Stay tuned and feel free to write any comments or ask any questions.

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