Friday, September 21, 2012

Life's About Risk . . . Right?!

There are things in life that may make us feel . . .

. . . scared, hopeless, or even left wondering -- "What the heck am I doing?"

Sometimes we may feel like all of the effort, money, and time we're putting into a project or passion is going no where. 

You clock in, you clock out, you stay out of trouble and pay the bills.

Doesn't that mean you're entitled to your piece of the wealthy pie? Doesn't that mean we'll eventually get recognition and praise from everyone who comes across us? Don't we all get a shot like everyone else in the Universe who has made it and achieved success?

Honestly, I go back and forth on my answer to these questions. As many of you know I have been working on a book for years now -- How to Get Real About Dating -- that I genuinely feel is going to be a best seller one day.

Does it feel good that I have spent thousands of dollars on marketing, coaching, and more? Does it feel good that I still work a 9-5 job and often feel exhausted as I work on my book? I just spent over $1,000 on media coaching in the past month and we won't even go into styling, make-up, clothes, and more for interviews.

Have I made a profit yet?  N-O.

Let's delve deeper. How does all of this make me feel? Going after the American dream in which I give my all, work hard, stay out of trouble, invest in my future (risk) and hope that it will pay off in the form of wealth and happiness down the road?


No lie, I'm scared out of my mind. I don't know what's going to happen in the next three months, three years, or three decades. Who knows if anything will happen with my passion project . . . I may still be working my current 9-5 in a few years (goodness, I hope not). Overall, the risk of losing everything and gaining nothing is simply frightful. 


If you're not taking a risk in life and going for you're dream(s), then what the heck are you living for? Sure, I could sleep a little easier at night and not feel so stressed about the unknown if i didn't pursue writing a book with my dad, but what's the flip side? I have more money in my bank account and live a boring, safe life? I think I have to go with taking the risk. It makes life more exciting.

I was watching this show on Food Network about contestants trying to win this food truck race. One of  teams consisted on three women -- a daughter, her mom, and their friend. The daughter was talking about how her mom seemed so happy now that she quit her job of many years to run the food truck with her. "I've haven't seen her this happy in years," she exclaimed to the camera with a bright smile. 

This was a sign to me, that I'm doing the right thing . . . and, so are you. Sure, you may feel scared like I do at times. But, look what you're avoiding -- that mother on the food truck spent years miserable because she wasn't LIVING. And when she started to live and took a RISK, that's when she was able to truly be happy.

So, whenever you're down and out and feel like you're never going to get a shot or will always be broke because of the sacrifices you're making for your passion, take a moment to tell yourself:

"I'm living."

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Ed Slinin said...

The American Dream is still alive but hard work can only take you so far. You need guts, service and a willingness to take risks. No matter what happens, stay true to your values and goals, and remain optimistic.