Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chronicles Of A 20-Something, Marriage Rules

Marriage is no joke. I ain't in one, but I can see from a distance that it takes work, commitment, and patience.

It ain't for kids, though many tend to be.

In a recent article, a list of 9 "marriage rules" will help to successfully maintain your relationship. Let's break it down --

1) Never go to bed angry.
Sometimes anger makes things a little sexy.
2) Always be 100% honest.
Lying ain't cool, unless it's part of a sexual game.
3) Never vacation without one another.
How the hell do you get a break from seeing one another then?
4) If you fight, you're headed for divorce.
Fighting happens...but should never be abusive. Chris Brown activity ain't cool.
5) Once you have children, they come first.
And if you have 'em, get ready to pay not just for your health insurance, but their coverage as well.
6) You should never sleep in separate beds.
...unless you payed thousands of dollars for your couch. Gotta get your money's worth.
7) Partners should sync up their hobbies.
Maybe having a few of the same ones is a nice idea, but all of them? Hell naw. You gotta have your own interests, marriage or not.
8) If there's no spark, you're dead.
For some, they may enjoy the lack of excitement. There are peeps like this, and that's cool if they find the same in a partner...just don't ask my ass out. I ain't tryna be bored with ya.
9) Boring is bad.
Good point, but how do you keep it from not being boring when you're around the person all the time? It ain't like when you go home after a long day they aren't there. You have no free time away unless you go on that vacation alone, or with your friends..right?

To be real, these rules are beneficial for every kind of relationship. But, I don't know how realistic it is to sustain them on a day-to-day level.

We're all human and fight sometimes.

Or, don't want to have the same hobbies. Hell, I may want to sleep on the couch one night, especially if my stomach is actin' crazy.

Does this mean we're doomed for failure in relationships and love? Probably...or, not.

Truth is, no one can predict what happens in the future. You may follow all of these rules and still fall flat on your face and divorce after a few months. From personal experience I know the feeling of believing a relationship will last forever only to see it gone within months. That's why I try to live in the moment, knowing that marriage will come one day -- even if I break a rule or two.

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Your hilarious with your after thoughts