Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Day You're In...

"Sometimes you're in, and sometimes you're out."

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We all know these famous words from the gorgeous and smart woman, Heidi Klum.

At first I used to hate them. So cold...so false. Aren't you always in if you're in?

Then I got to thinking and thought: maybe she's right...maybe it's kind of like love.

One day you're feeling great and everything is perfect. You're getting along and want nothing more than to be with that person every second. But, then you have those times where you want space and don't want to be around your lover.

Kind of like after you get into a HUGE fight with someone you love. Like, so bad you may be thinking, "can we get past this?" Or, "will things ever be the same?" At these times, one can feel nothing but Out. Very, very out.


A few hours or days later, you begin to calm down and think. Your heart starts to soften and you miss that person, or that massive problem seems much smaller. All you want to do is talk and move on to how things were...if the love is truly there. Otherwise, you'll just walk away and give up.


Let's say you got a lot of that dope shiznit and refuse to throw in da towel. Perhaps you'll talk to that person and realize that your relationship and love is even stronger than you ever imagined. And, within moments, the feelings of never wanting to have that person out of your life comes back like dust on a kitchen table.


Being Out makes us realize how In we always were.

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